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About Us -
Sue & Andy Boswell

We had a history of working within direct marketing for 22 years, but had become disillusioned with our previous company.

So we started looking around – and found a company quite new to Europe called dōTERRA. We had never heard of them before – but were amazed at what we were hearing…

A company that sold ‘essential oils’, we have to admit did not initially appeal, However, it intrigued us how they had grown to be the number one essential oil company in the world within just 9 short years.

Why are they so successful, well we saw straight away it was down to the quality of their products. We tried the products ourselves and could not believe the immediate improvement to not only our health, but to those friends and associates we shared these products with.

That was back in 2017 - now and I’m glad to say we have helped personally to share these wonderful, amazing oils with over 11,000 people across 50+ different countries worldwide.

dōTERRA really is changing lives, one drop, one person, one community at a time.

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